Wednesday, November 09, 2016

What Next

The term "What Next" is repeated several times in my WIP as the main character tries to figure out how to move forward from an unexpected tragedy.

What Next?

My head is spinning trying to figure that out.

What Next? What Next. What the f*ck next.

When things get muddled, I write to straighten out my thoughts... but today this page is daunting.

Most of all, I feel sad.

This man stands for hate and fear and Us against Them. He is a bully. He is ignorant. He is reckless.

And by being voted in, he has been told that all of the hate and anger and fear and blame that he has spewed over the past two years - towards women, muslims, LGBTQ, Hispanics, immigrants, ... - is okay. Okay. Acceptable. Fair. Right?

And to think there are that many people out there who support that message? Sad.


Friday, October 07, 2016

Self Control Lacking

Writing takes a certain fortitude and self control... there's no boss, no manager, no dictator standing here making sure I'm on task and getting stuff done. Just Wilbur, Luna and Hazel and they don't care how much I write. In fact, it would be just fine with Wilbur if I wrote nothing and rubbed his belly all day.

But then I'd be a belly-rubber not a writer.

And while there's no fortune flowing my way as a writer, the only one who wants my services as a belly-rubber is unemployed and lazy.

So this:

A frightening looking app that is counting down until my death.... ooor until I'm allowed to log onto Facebook again.

The battle starts today, between this Boney boss and me.


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