Monday, May 16, 2016

No Showers, no Flowers or Ducks.

That's a very vague title... and comes from a very convoluted region of my brain. I skipped April! There were no posts in April, I'm sorry. I've been in a weird combo of nose-down in edits and completely absent from writing - one or the other and nothing in between. 

My latest WIP has been sent off to the editor. The working title is Penny Layne. I likes it so much it may end up being the final title. This story had a weird gestation - I spent months thinking it was terrible - wait, no not terrible, but not up to snuff compared to #GoodDay and Aptitude. It doesn't hit on important issues or huge creative ideas like #GoodDay and Aptitude did... it didn't feel worthy.

But then a wise person said, "It doesn't always have to be heavy"

And then a few beta readers gave really great feedback.

And I started to like my ugly little duckling. Now it's on it's way to the editor to figure out if it's really a swan. Stay tuned.


Thursday, March 31, 2016

What to write

I've written stories (short and long), poems (really bad ones), professional reports, essays, research studies, lab results, excuse letters for the kids' schools, complaints, opinion letters...

... Today I have the honour of writing an obituary. If it takes up 300 pages to write a pregnancy story, a few months in dystopia, a day in the life of high school, how do you sum up a whole person and 104 years in 200 words? (The first answer is, you don't. I cheated and tripled the target.) But still. It's one thing to make up characters and dance them through drama. It's something else entirely to do justice to a real life with all the real love, loss, happiness. There aren't enough words.


Monday, March 28, 2016

First Draft

There's this period between completing a first draft and figuring out how the fizzle to fix it. It's like shopping at Ikea - you go through their displays, get all excited about the piece of furniture you want, order it and bring it home in the box - First Draft complete!

Then you open the box and the ergonomic standing desk is in 47 pieces. It's totally not what it needs to be, though you can still picture the desk with the lamp and the cup of pens and the blotter and the coffee mug in your head. Figuring out which pieces to bang together first is daunting. Often there is crying at this stage.

(Seriously, go google 'ikea instructions' and click on 'images'. It's worth it.)

So that's where I'm at. I finished the first draft, went back and added the parts I knew needed to be added and ordered my box o' pieces (the printed hard copy to mark up with a pen). But I have yet to OPEN the box b/c I can already hear the rattling of random screws and pressed wood and I'm scared. Very scared.


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